I Had No Idea that Harry Styles was So Talented

Probably one of my favorite things ever is watching artists grow artistically and professionally. I love the concept that someone can improve their vocals from one year to the next, change their sound completely, become comfortable with performing or develop proficiency in playing an instrument, ETC. There’s just something about it that’s so interested to me. It’s kind of like watching a TV show for a couple of seasons and then going back to watch the pilot. You see the growth in character development and even an improvement in acting with the cast themselves.

I’m definitely one of those people who is willing to give a chance to artists who break out of their boybands and go solo. In fact, it’s actually something that I go out of my way to do. I’m not one of those omg it’s a boyband so GROSSSSS types of people. I grew up loving a boyband and all I wanted was for people to give them a chance…their band, sure. But also the solo projects. I was like THEY’RE NOT WHAT YOU THINK SOMEONE PLEASE JUST LISTEN. So I get it. That’s why when One Direction broke solo (I’m sorry I did not like the music at all) I took a listen to all the artists and let me tell you, Harry Styles was hiding his talent from the world. In fact, I truly believe this boyband was hindering from his true potential.

If I were to listen to his debut album without knowing it was him, I would probably have no idea that the artists behind the album is one who was in One Direction. If you’ve heart the bubblegum pop sounds of this boyband, you’d feel the same way…and look, this isn’t me speaking negatively of the band because I mean, it’s a boyband. That’s how it is. Sometimes in boybands, an artist can’t really showcase his actual artistry and it’s hidden behind the generic lyrics and sounds. Harry’s music is very 70’s-inspired rock and roll. A complete 180.

Styles went a completely different route than most artists do after they break out of their boybands.  A lot of artists team up with a popular producer whose going to help them create a sound thats very poppy so that they can successfully begin a solo career. It seems like that wasn’t the case for him because, although his first single became a radio hit, it was technically a rock-ish and kind of dark song that was different than what was and is playing in the top 40 these days. The same goes for the entire album. I really didn’t expect it to be so good but it was…and it was the most surprising album of the decade. Like, I did not expect that. My favorite songs are: Kiwi, Sign of the Times, Only Angel, and From the Dining Table.

His artist personal is a lot like (and I don’t use these legendary icons just for anyone) Mick Jagger.  That’s a pretty big thing to say and I’ve struggled to admit it out loud, but it is what it is. Apparently, they both have similar physical features and I definitely see it if I do a side-by-side but I think as well that they have very similar performing styles and it just blows my mind.

check out this performance of Kiwi and tell me you don’t see some Mick Jagger in there:

Also, please note his incredible 70’s outfit.

Harry Styles is non-shamefully creating music that is from heart instead of doing what is ‘in’ and worrying about radio play. That in itself is admirable. To then go on and successfully make 70’s inspired rock music that is actually good…that’s tough and I commend Harry for doing such a genius job.

I truly believe that there is no young person out there that’s doing what he is doing and as a 70’s super-fan (if you know me, you know) I definitely think he is succeeding. With his popularity and genre-switch, I can see top 40 music become more diverse.

I am very excited to continue to see what Harry Styles has planned for his future and I just might be at a show on his summer tour.


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Okay, bye.


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