Candy Lovers Unite + Sweet Deals Inside


Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog and if this is your first time here then hello, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Today I am talking about one of the things that controls my life and that is….my very intense sweet tooth. I’m no longer ashamed to admit that it is my one vice, besides coffee, because hello look at my domain. My relationship with candy is that of a child. At special events you will find me at the candy table stocking up on treats and when I go to stores, it’s so difficult to resist grabbing something.

This habit not only ADDS up on the bank account but with my constant indecisiveness (if you know me you know) it takes up sooooo much time. When I allow myself a cheat day, I spend way to long in the candy aisle. Do I want chocolate? Sour candy? Jelly beans? It’s so rough PEOPLE. It’s like asking me to choose a home for purchase.

That’s why I was so excited to find out about Candy Club because I love having my decisions made for me and surprises. (because internally, I’m still a child)

Candy Club is a subscription based company where you can choose from monthly payments, 6 months, or 12 months. You get to create a taste profile and give Candy Club an idea of what kind of candy you like…or you can just specify your specific favorites! They have everything from classic favorites to chocolate to gummys and everything inbetween. As the months change, so can your preferences. And if you’re anything like me, THEY always change.

I am so pumped to be working with Candy Club which in turn means ill be spending more time at the gym. Worth it!

Get $15 off your first order by clicking on the link and/or the banner below!


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