I Guess I’m A Charlie Puth Fan Now

Happy weekend, people of the universe!

Sometimes, I have a tough time writing intros for these things. Do I start with a joke? A song lyric? A compliment? I gotta lock in my audience somehow…but today, I’m just going to get RIGHT into it because I’ve had a lot of coffee and I can’t hold it in anymore…..



Charlie Puth is one of those names that I’ve known and heard for years. With quite a few top 40 hits, his name is kind of difficult to avoid. He’s part of multi-platinum hits such as “See You Again” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with Selena Gomez.  Even with these accomplishments and his stature, for some reason, I never really listened to the non-singles or non-top 40 features. That is, until ‘Voicenotes’, Puth’s sophomore album.


This album was handcrafted like one of those really expensive lattes from the hipster coffee shop in town, where attention is paid to literally every single detail. Even the way the tracklist order was chosen is genius which is why this is definitely the kind of album you need to listen to from start to finish. The album starts with these deep riffs in “The Way I Am” and it reminds me of when the lights go off at a concert and the artist comes on for the first time; that high-energy intro that gets the audience pumped. It’s a good song to start too, the meaning revolving around Puth not changing who he is and living his new life as public figure – “Feelin’ like I really don’t deserve this,
Life ain’t nothing like it was before”  

‘LA Girls’ is one of my favorites on the album and it’s not just because there’s a shoutout to me in the chorus; ‘There was Nikki, Nicole, Tiffany, and Heather’ but because it reminds me of a 90’s/early 2000’s jam. Like a few songs on the album, the lyrics show a man adjusting to life in Los Angeles.

Speaking of the 90’s, ‘Empty Cups’ is another one that has ~that 90’s feeling. It’s definitely a sexier song and apparently inspired by the party scene in one of my favorite movies Clueless (shoutout to my friend Madi for that fact). The bass in this song is fuckin NUTS and it’s definitely that song you add to your party playlist, your late-night drives playlist, or your sex playlist and this is going to do numbers if it becomes a single.

BOY‘ is the song that altered me into an official Charlie Puth fan. The song is about being dumped by an older woman. “You won’t wake up besides me, cause I was born in the ’90’s. Baby, How dare you threat me just like a boy?”  The vocal delivery in this is just phenomenal throughout and this is another song that I think would do absolutely fantastic as a single.

The entire album is a roll-down-your-windows-in-the-summer type of feel and if you’re a 80s or 90s baby, then these songs will remind you of some of the albums that were released during your upbringing. It’s soulful and funky and for me, one of those albums that just took me by surprise. Perhaps I was expecting a more crooner type of album…somewhat like the stuff he released before ‘Attention’ but what I got was an album that will probably make the top of my “Favorite Albums of 2018” list and one that I will be hooked on for months to come.




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