Charlie Puth Took Me To Church On The Voicenotes Tour

All I want to say is that Charlie Puth had a keytar for most of the show, I have a new found respect for him as a trained musician, I paid $20 for a Tito’s vodka & lemonade,  and that the arrangements on this tour were absolutely insane.

Oh, and also that I’m glad my friend Madi (If you’re reading this I have one thing to say and that’s…….”wow.”) flew from LA and bought front row scalper tix because I probably wouldn’t have been able to justify the hour and ten minute drive to the amphitheater if not.

Anyway, here is some digital content from the last night of The Voicenotes Tour in West Palm Beach, Fl.

(These photos were taken with an iPhone from the audience and not from the pit with a professional camera and lens …. these are just for fun!)
(please be kind and credit if you use)









IMG_7304IMG_7305IMG_7306IMG_7312IMG_7313IMG_7318IMG_7322IMG_7323IMG_7324IMG_7326IMG_7335IMG_7336IMG_7347IMG_7350IMG_7365IMG_7369 2


IMG_7384 2





And here are some photos of Hailee Steinfield who was the cutest opening act with some really incredible dancers.



(Again, even though these are not professional photos…credit is still important so if you use them tag my social media and if you don’t know my social media, send me a message)



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