Start of an Age

If you’re reading this, that means I was brave enough to finally post my first professional blog. Sharing my words with the world is absolutely NERVE-WRECKING…which would probably explain why I’ve held back for all these years. Ever since I was a child, everyone told me that I was going to go far in the writing world and I hoped I would because I really have always enjoyed it. I was THAT kid in school. The students were like ugh not another essay! and I had to pretend oh my god, I know right? What an atrocity… once I got to college and had to write essays about like, the War of the Spanish Succession (I just googled a History fact to make a point) it really made me feel like those kids from back in the day who HATED to write.

But I’m not here to tell you my biography.

Here’s the breakdown of this blog. I have a lot to say, okay. I just do. I have stories to tell, music that I’m passionate about and want to share with the world, maybe a green smoothie that I’m digging that I want other people to enjoy as well and so on.


So if you’d like, stick around for the journey.

If not, see ya. Have a nice day. Eat something delicious. Get some good sleep.


Hopefully I’ll eventually have a creative way to exit these blogs,




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