Disney College Program Application Process and Tips

So, I was working on a blog highlighting my experience at the Disney College Program when I realized how long it was going to be. I mean, it’s 6 months worth of content so I guess it makes sense that it’s a time consuming post. Perhaps I’ll need to break it into parts. For now though, I decided to talk about the process for those that may be interested. I am definitely notorious in helping all my friends who applied after me. Not to toot my own horn but…


The Steps

First, you need to fill out an application….which is uh….obvious.


It’s honestly a fairly simple application until you get to the end and it’s time to start paying attention, alright?

The application is going to list a BUNCH of roles (jobs, for those of you that don’t know the Disney lingo yet) Here’s where you shouldn’t be picky. If you really want to get into the program, like really….you need to put the highest interest in each role. Or if not every role, Quick Service Food & Beverage. If you’ve ever been to a park or resort, you know Disney has some place with food every like 10 steps, basically. So the demand for QSFB is the HIGHEST. Put that you’re highly interested. Now if you absolutely can’t see yourself woking in a ‘fast food’ environment and you’re not interested AT ALL, like no chance in the world, then put ‘no interest’….even if you put the lowest of interest (I think that’s what I did) for quick service, there’s a high chance it’ll still be the program you’re stuck with.  Note: You can put ‘high interest’ and ‘interest’ and ‘moderate’ in some, just to make it seem like you’re paying attention and not just marking whatever.

Next step is to wait for the anxiety-ridden emails. Here’s how it usually works: You’ll receive an email (hours later sometimes) that says thanks for applying. This is an Email that everyone receives. The next thing that should happen is that you should receive an Web Based Interview within a few hours of applying…maybe even the next day. If you don’t receive this email within that time frame, then you’re kind of on the ‘wait list’. I’m going to be honest and say that most people don’t end up getting further in the application process if they don’t receive the WBI in that timeframe. Please keep in mind that I said, most.

The Web-Based interview is in my opinion, really important to pay attention to. You’ve probably seen a web-based interview type of thing when applying for other jobs, but this one is serious about your answers. This interview is timed and it’s that kind of questions where you have to put ‘strongly agree, agreee, disagree, etc’ about things such as your work ethic. The way to pass this web-based is to make sure you stay consistent. This is the most important part of this entire blog. Disney does not care about your work ethic or if you’re a clean person and care about other people. This isn’t going to determine your role but they do want to make sure you’re honest. They’re going to ask the same question a bunch of different ways and they want to make sure your answers are still the same. If you do answer consistently, you will move on to schedule your phone interview.


I like to work with people: strongly agree, strongly disagree, agree, disagree

You answer: strongly agree

I’m better working alone then in groups: strongly agree, strongly disagree, agree, disagree

You answer: strongly disagree

It sounds simple enough, but Disney will definitely try to trick you with some of the ways they ask the questions. Just constantly pay attention to the questions and the way it’s being asked. Keep your phone by you to look up the definition of a word you might not know because this is timed and it does get stressful. Using this method, I have never failed a Web Based Interview. I believe this is a three-parter and it does take a while so make sure you have a quiet space and enough time set aside for it….absolutely no distractions. Like I said, this is the deciding factor. Most people think it’s one of those generic application things and don’t take it seriously.

If you pass, you will IMMEDIATELY see a screen that tells you to schedule your phone interview. You also have a certain amount of time to schedule the phone interview so you don’t have to do it right away if you’re not sure what your schedule looks like. If you made it this far though, you’re more than halfway there! Know that most people don’t make it that far.

Let me give you a backstory on my phone interview. I STUDIED for this interview like I was studying to get my license in surgery. I wrote down notes, highlighted important things, and had papers and papers worth of talk….I mean I wish I still had it because I would post pictures. Once that lady called me for my interview, I didn’t look at the notes ONCE. My plan was to set somewhere with my notes next to me and look at my answers as she asked the questions. Yeah right. I was walking around my entire interview. I couldn’t sit still. I was so nervous at first, that I got stuck and couldn’t speak but my interviewer was so nice.

Of course the notes helped a lot. It’s always good to be prepared and know what your interviewer is going to ask. I would even still write a little bit of notes, just to get an idea of what you want to say but I wouldn’t go as far as hanging notes up to use during the interview. It definitely sounds more natural too, when you’re not reading from a paper.

The interview questions have changed a lot since my program but the two essential questions still are: Why do you want to the program? and/or Why do you want to work for Disney?

When doing your phone interview, remember to ALWAYS put the guests (Customers) first in your answers. This isn’t about you (sorry) but about the people who are paying to go to the parks. Try to use some Disney slang if it comes up in conversation. Instead of customer say guest. Instead of employee say cast member.

Lastly, try not to be to difficult on yourself. If you don’t get it this time, you’ll get it next time.

Okay, phew. This was such a long post. If you enjoyed please feel free to like, comment or share this on your social medias. If you have any questions, please send them my way and maybe I’ll be able to answer them.

Thanks for reading!







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