Kiehl’s Christmas Haul Review

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m here to tell you a little about one of my new favorite skincare products that is going to become a staple in my home. Since I’m new to this blogging thing, I think it’s important for everyone to know that I am absolutely obsessed with skincare. While affording quality skincare products is tough, it is one of those things whose prices I can justify. For example, some people buy the new iPhone every year and some people pay more than $1,000 for a purse. For me, it’s skincare and of course a good concert or trip with friends. Sometimes though, the money just doesn’t exist to purchase said skincare. (shoutout to my fellow broke peeps)

This is why I have to start by telling you guys about the DEALZZZZZ over the Kiehl’s. I finally decided to do my first ever online Black Friday purchase. I had quite a few people to buy gifts for and I wanted my gifts to be useful but as affordable as possible. Lemme just tell you, this company hooked a sister up.

With my purchase of over $60, I received a free mini Kiehl’s mini-baggy, one full size face cleanser, five decent sized (more than three uses) samples, and two super mini samples.



The super-samples included items that I added to the Christmas gifts of my friends and family. (Toner, anti-aging products, and the Daily Reviving Concentrate which I am dying to get a full size of as soon as I can)

So, I guess you can say Kiehl’s really hooked it up with the freebies and the cool thing is that they’re ALWAYS doing some kind of sale. Like right now, I just went on their site to refresh my memory on what I purchased and they are doing a Valentines sale. This obviously isn’t sponsored (crying emoji crying emoji crying emoji) but how cool is that?!?! And now that I’ve been on the site again, however will I stop myself from making another purchase in the coming hours one the day?

Okay, I talked about all the free stuff. Now on to my purchases:

Nature Powered Mask Set 


While browsing through the site, this set was a no-brainer. It was in my cart right away and didn’t get removed even once. So this set comes with three .95 ounce masks; the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed  Energizing Radiance Masque, the Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask, and The Ultra Facial Overnight Masque

I have to be honest though, I bought this set with the intention to give each as a gift but I ended up giving one and keeping the other two. I just couldn’t resist! I kept the overnight mask and the Turmeric mask which I have to say, it’s my favorite face mask that I own so far.

The mask has a minty smell when opening and it feels so refreshing when I first put it on my face and then when it’s completely off. Turmeric is good for skin issues such as acne scarring, wounds, and psoriasis as well as aids in improving the brightness of your skin. While the cranberry protects your skin and makes it look energized with it’s vitamin C affects.  I love that this mask contains natural ingredients and that it’s an exfoliant. I always prefer the exfoliant masks.

For me, this product does what it says. My tired skin looks more awake and bright. If you’ve ever had one of those awful nights of sleep, this mask helps you to totally mask that….a cup of coffee and a few minutes with the mask is the way to go! My favorite time to wear it is in the mornings before I get ready for the day.

Calendula Deep Cleansing Foam Face Wash


To be honest, I bought the cheapest product I could find so that my cart could total to $60 for the free stuff. So, I got this in the very tiny 2.5 FL OZ size. It was actually a lot smaller than I thought but that wasn’t their fault, I just didn’t calculate how little 2.5 OZ is. I will say though, that a little goes a long way.

My main request for face wash is that gets all my makeup off and honestly, it can be hard to find that but this one does the trick! It also leaves my face feeling soft. The two main ingredients in this are glycerine- leaves your skin soft and calendula which is actually a beneficial ingredient for people with sensitive skin, I don’t have oily skin, but the calendula in the product, is actually great for people who do!

Will I purchase again? I don’t know. I might try something new from Kiehl’s once I run out.

Anyone have any Kiehl’s kincare suggestion? Please recommend in the comments below!

PS: I’ve spelled Kiehl’s SO many times in this post and still have trouble remember how t spell it.

Kheils? Keilshs? Kiehl’s?



Okay, thanks for reading and shoutout to KIEHL’S!


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