First Tattoo Experience

When I tell you that looking down at the tattoo on my arm still surprises me, I’m not even exaggerating. I was that person who always wanted a tattoo but was dead set on the idea that she would never get one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…commitment issues. See, but everything else you commit to can be temporary: a relationship, your dinner choice, a rented apartment, ETC. A tattoo though….that baby never comes off and if it does, well it’s apparently as painful as being snapped by a rubber band or when hot specs of grease or oil pop out of the pan and hit your skin, according to I’ve had test-laser done for a birthmark and oh my god, no. So yes. It’s permanent. At least for me because I know my pain tolerance.

On that note, my main issue was choosing what I wanted on my skin. I mean, do I want lyrics? a symbol that represents lyrics???? It’s going to be there forever. I mean, I’m talking FOREVER. I have to wake up next to her/him everyday and people are going to see her/him all the time. How people choose a tattoo so easily is beyond me. I did however know that music meant a lot to me and that I would want something related in a way.

Speaking of my pain tolerance…this was my second fear going into this. I mean, the thought of a needle being pressed onto my skin for longer than 2 seconds petrified me to the point of almost walking out of the tattoo shop right when the artist turned on the needle. I’ve heard horror stories and I’ve heard non-horror stories. Of course, I let the horror stories take control of my brain.

Now that I’ve given this rant-y preface (because hi, it’s me. I love to RANT) I’m going to share my story which is honestly just going to be more rant-y-ness.

First of all, I have these incredible internet friends (hi guys, you better be reading this) and we all planned a big trip to see our favorite band (I’m writing a internet friends post SOON because I think these relationships are so special. So, I’ll say the mushiness for later) and while planning our trip, we somehow came to the idea that we would all get tattoos together. THEY were excited. I wanted to cry.

I started to plan out my ideas. I honestly had a LONG time to make a decision…like two months? Well, I didn’t make a decision until 10 minutes before we left for the tattoo shop.


BUTTTTTTT……I dont’ regret it. I love my baby. I think some of the best ideas are the spontaneous ones.

So we head out to find a decent shop. We were in Orlando and tried the CityWalk tattoo shop (Hart & Huntington) and it was way to expensive. I start doing a little research on a tattoo shop that I’ve seen before since Orlando was my hometown. There was two locations – one in a local mall and one by Universal Studios. It was a Sunday and I remember this because I saw that the mall one closed at 5 and I got EXCITED thinking holy Poop_Emoji_7b204f05-eec6-4496-91b1-351acc03d2c7_large maybe we’ll hold off the tattoo thing for 24 more hours. I was SCARED okay????

Much to my dismay at the time, the tattoo shop by Universal Studios actually closed a lot later since it wasn’t in a mall and so, I knew it was inevitable. This was happening.

Walking into the tattoo shop, I was petrified. I mean, I’ve been in tattoo shops before but NEVER had I been for myself.

First of all, I need to talk about these incredible artists and this location. If you’re in Orlando and wanting a tattoo, go to Atomic Tattoos in DR. Phillips (this is right by Universal Studios). These artists were hilarious, so talented, and so so kind. Shoutout to our female artist Sammy who now works at Studio Thirteen in Orlando!


Here’s how we decided to do it. I didn’t want to go first but I didn’t want to go last (because all the anticipation would end me) so I decided to be the second one. My friend Kayleen went first. She’s honestly that mom-friend who makes you feel comfortable in all situations. She even held my hand and later told me that I was literally squeezing her. I’m surprised she still likes me.

Sitting there watching my tattoo artist get the needle ready, I thought about leaving. I mean, I really did. Once she asked if I was ready, I thought MORE about leaving. I almost said never mind. Thank God for me heightened since of FOMO because I let her touch my skin with that needle anndddd….IT WASN’T AS BAD AS I THOUGHT.

I have the greatest friends who were distracting me the entire time and making me laugh. We have sooooooo many inside jokes, the artist mustve thought we were nuts but it helped.

Perhaps it’s the area I choose to have my tattoo (side of my wrist) but really it was uncomfortable and a bit painful here and there but definitely not as bad as I thought.


(I’m the one in the middle)

First off all, no it’s not a fish – contrary to my moms first thought and my cousins baby who willl NOT stop calling it a fish. It’s rocket ship!

This tattoo is meaningful in more ways than I ever thought. First of all, it commemorates an incredible week seeing our favorite band and meeting each other in real life for the first time. It also has to do with my favorite song from this band which happens to be a song that’s underrated but so special. And then Queens ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ which is honestly one of my favorite songs of all time – with metaphors of flying through space and just really feelin’ good about life. There’s just so much meaning behind this tattoo and no, a tattoo doesn’t have to have meaning but for me, it’s important…at least for my first tattoo.

Will I get a tattoo again?


I am ready for a new one like, tomorrow. (Maybe not tomorrow but ya know)

If you read this ENTIRE post through, then you’re a special one because this was LONG but also the first post where I talk about some of my personal experiences in this place called life. I really enjoyed it.

If you did too, please share this with your friends as it would help me so much.

Let’s talk about tattoos in the comments below! Tell me about your first tattoo! And if you’re planning on getting your first, I am here for you. You can do it!


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