New Music & Photography Feature: Mae Krell

Happy Music Monday people of the internet! And happy Tuesday for those that are not in America..what would we call that? Treble Tuesdays? (??????)

I am having an absolute ball featuring these incredible human beings who are part of the music industry. I’ve done photography (and I am definitely not done with that series) but today, I am happy to be featuring Mae Krell who is a photography AND musician from NYC. Basically, we’ve got a multi-musically-talented person here and I am about to share all her work with you all.

Let’s start with some of their photography, shall we?



Mae Krell has shot for Rolling Stone, JAM, and Tongue Tied so it was an honor to get to scan through this portfolio but of course, so difficult to choose my favorites but alas, these are it!

If you’d like to check out more of these photos here is her portfolio:


Now on to the music!

On February 16th, Mae Krell released an EP called ‘Anabasis’. My favorite one is Monsters which happens to be one of the singles released pre-EP! The lyrics are beautiful and metaphoric and Mae sounds hauntingly raw.

Below is the EP on Spotify.


and acoustic versions of their two singles.


For more on Mae Krell like tours, merch, contact info, ETC check out their site below!


It was an absolutely honor to be able to review all their incredible work and I look forward to seeing what the future holds. If you enjoy their work as much as I do, share with the world! Let’s support each other!


If you enjoy MY work, please support me by sharing this post, site, ETC on your social medias. A little goes a long way.

Okay, I’m signing off  now.



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