Nothing to panic about at the Panic! at the Disco Pray For The Wicked Tour

If you know me, follow me on social media, or just quickly glance through the content that I create on this site, you probably know that live music is my favorite thing on the planet. You’d also know that I’ve been doing something new this year where I go to shows that I want to go to, even if it means I have no one to go with and have to go alone. As an anxious person, going solo isn’t an easy decision for my brain to make but so far I have honestly enjoyed it and found that SO many people go to shows alone. To miss out on a potentially incredible live show simply out of fear of being alone, is something that I now know is ridiculous. In fact, because of it, I attended one of my favorite ever concerts — Panic! at the Disco.

To me, Panic! has one of the coolest success stories. They came around during that early 2000’s punk scene when there were so many bands that were coming into that genre, released a song that became pretty much a pop-punk anthem, and 14 years later are selling out Madison Square Garden. In some ways, it’s luck. In a lot of other ways, it’s Brendon Urie’s constant dedication to the Panic! at the Disco name (even when members have come and gone) and his willingness to not get stuck in a specific genre just because it’s what’s expected – but to grow musically and professionally by expanding the kind of music he creates.



That being said, I couldn’t resist buying myself a ticket to this tour. In fact, I went on Ticketmaster the exact time and date that tickets went on sale, told myself I was too broke, and then ended up buying a resale ticket the day of the show. The Death of a Bachelor album was what reignited the flame for me to become a Panic! at the Disco fan. Like everyone else who had an early 2000’s punk phase, I loved A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out but then I sort of got over that phase all together which meant leaving behind those bands as well.

Panic! at the Disco hits the stage at 9 PM but really the show begins at 8:50 PM with a 10 minute countdown and a playlist curated by Brendon Urie himself. It’s really just a HUGE hype-up for whats to come and really unites the crowd before anyone hits the stage.

For all music business people or hopefuls, you know how inspiring it is when you go to THAT show. You know the one, it puts all your goals into perspective and re-inspires you at times of uncertainty and lack of motivation. Panic! at the Disco did that for me. From start to literal end, it was a show.


If I were to sit here and really think about the production on the tour – from start to end – then I would never stop typing. I mean, I just have A LOT to say about it. The Panic! team really went IN and came into this tour with a huge production budget….the lighting, the fire, and the other gimmicks were nonstop throughout the show. Of course my favorite part, and the part that will probably live on as my favorite show-moment-ever-ever was the piano in the freakin’ air. Let me paint you a picture, in case you haven’t had the absolute honor of attending a show. Basically, the piano carries itself and Brendon Urie up in the air as he sings an absolutely beautiful cover of Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I Cant Make You Love Me’. The cover fades into Dying In La where the Piano literally glides through the venue….I mean, what?? Seriously a moment that I’m gonna think about and talk about forever.

(Sped up video of that happening)


Now that I am done geeking out about the production, let’s talk about the man of the hour. Brendon Urie is a powerhouse vocalist. We all know this. If you’ve ever listened to a Panic! at the Disco song, you know that his vocal delivery is the best of the best. What I didn’t except though, was how crisp his live vocals would be. Perhaps his stint on Kinky Boots helped him improve his live vocal abilities or maybe he’s just always had it in him but I was seriously getting goosebumps every time he hit a high note or delivered a falsetto. His voice didn’t break once, either. He’s a professional vocalist and for as many shows I’ve been to, I’ve never heard an artist who holds notes like him and is able to run around stage at the same time.


Yes, Brendon is a PERFORMER. Something else I wasn’t expecting. He dances (a lot) and uses the entire stage space. He’s not the type to just stand in one place for the entirety of the show. instead, he carries the energy from the audience and uses it to give a performance. If you know me, you know that the way an artist or band uses a stage will make or break my concert-going experience. I love front men and performers.

Brendon Urie really showcases his multi-instrument playing abilities. On this tour he plays the drums, piano, and guitar. His band is absolutely fantastic too – AND he has a string and horn section which seriously makes everything sound so much cooler.


So yes. It’s 2018 and I went to a Panic! at the Disco show, yes I bought merch and yes…. maybe I am considering driving to my nearest show on the second leg of the tour – a whopping 14 hour drive – what’s it to ya?

I seriously highly recommend attending a show if you enjoy good things. It’s surprisingly cheap for the amount of money that is being spent on making these shows possible and I truly think that besides being one of the best tours in a while, Panic! at the Disco is one of the best there is.

Seriously….go…..go now.

Check out Pray for the Wicked here:



All photo credit goes to Jake Chamseddine

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