Bands You Should Be Listening To: The Wrecks

Do you ever listen to a band for the first time and discover that literally every song is a jam? It’s sorta rare, honestly. There’s nothing wrong with having a song that’s a skip. As humans, not every song is going to resonate with our brains and ears…no matter how good a band or artist is. All that being said, I’m here to talk about this new band that came up one day on one of my Spotify playlists. They’re called The Wrecks and so far, I’ve enjoyed everything on their discography.


The Wrecks are a indie-rock band from California that are quickly climbing their way up the ladder. Seriously. Their first single ‘Favorite Liar’ currently has 11.5 million streams on Spotify. It’s the song that got them signed to their current label – Red Music – and it seriously gives you a taste of how good this band is.


My next two favorites are ‘Figure This Out’ and ‘James Dean’….James Dean is literally about not being James Dean….pretty much. Girls won’t date you. Guys hate you. You don’t wake up looking nice. Your mom busts you smoking pot and calls you out at the party. You know, regular people stuff. I think it’s such a creative take on being a ‘regular person’ going through ‘regular people’ things. Only James Dean could be that cool and unfortunately, we aren’t all him.

‘Figure This Out’ is also another relatable song. Being relatable seems to be something that The Wrecks are good at. Perhaps that’s why they have such a tight-knit fanbase. From my understanding, it’s about constantly hooking up with someone….saying it’s gonna be the last time but still going back to that purely just sexual relationship.





The Wrecks just announced a North American tour. Check out the dates here:

and listen to their Panic Vertigo EP here:

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