Why I’m In A Forever Relationship With Spotify Premium

I discovered Spotify right as it had hit the US in 2011. It definitely wasn’t what it is today as it was a trial that was ad-based that then became a service where users could only listen to a certain amount of hours of music per month.

Pandora came before Spotify as far as streaming services go and I was not a fan of not only the ads, but the fact that I couldn’t listen to one specific artist, album, or song. It was all a “radio” type of deal where similar songs would play after each other. Is it still like that? I wouldn’t know because of my committed and monogamous relationship with Spotify.

Probably the most special part of this app are the endless playlists – some created by employees, some are public playlists by customers and some are currated just for US. Perhaps one of coolest things about these playlists is the countless amounts of new artists that can be discovered through these playlists. It is a way for emerging artists who are looking for an outlet to get their music heard to be successful in doing so. I can’t tell you how many artists I’ve discovered through Spotify playlists. Plus, there is quite literally a playlist for every single mood or activity. Are you sad? Or just a little sad? Having a cardio workout? Or a intense strength training workout? Spotify has really got you covered. Plus, you can even choose a playlist for a mood that also includes your favorite genres of music. That almost doesn’t make sense because it’s so specific. Let me explain…for example, the workout playlists are endless with the genres. If you’re into EDM or 70’s hits, Spotify will turn that into a workout playlist. Right now, my favorite is ‘The Britney Body Workout’ which features the throwback hits of Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Spice Girls, ETC.

I mean, there’s just so many playlists that it is pretty cool that a lot of these employees are created by the employees themselves. Check out this video highlighting an employees day in the life at Spotify where she actually creates playlists for a living. Can you say dream job????????

Of course, you can also create your own public playlists and share it with the world. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do. You can embedded these on your sites and incorporate them into your social medias and if people really enjoy the songs on there, they can follow it for easy access and to see the new songs that you may add later on. A lot of artists incorporate playlists filled with not only their songs but some of the songs that inspire their music or that they just enjoy listening to. Since music is my favorite thing on earth, I love listening to what inspires the artists who I am inspired by and comparing their music to their favorites. It’s a different way to share with fans that we’ve never really had before. I actually remember learning what some of my favorite artists listen to by picking up a Seventeen magazine and reading their Summer Music List.

Another thing I love about Spotify is the Daily Mix which is different for every single Spotify user.  Spotify gives you six different mixes and each mix is a different genre according to the genres that you’re listening to and nothing else. Somehow, Spotify ALWAYS nails these daily mixes for me. If I want to listen to my pop, I’ll turn on daily mix 1 and get song after song that I enjoy and then some new ones that I end up loving. If I’m in the punk mood, daily mix 2 has all of my favorites + some new discoveries. There’s only one explanation for song after song of perfection and that’s magic.  Now, these can’t be shared because they’re simply yours but you can admit them to your own playlist and share it that way!


Streaming is slowly but surely taking over and there is a lot of contraversy surrounding artists and  streaming royalties. I do want to discuss this soon, after I do some research, because I think this is a WHOLE other topic. However, when analyzing streaming services and the quality for the listeners, I truly think that Spotify takes ALL the cakes, I think this goes without saying, but this is NOT a sponsored post I just love this service and I want to share it with the world that may be skeptical about making the change.

Here is the link to test out a 30-day free trial of Spotify Premium.

PS: Spotify has a free service but it definitely is very limiting.



What streaming services are you using? Anyone have other services that they enjoy more? Please comment below, I’d love to have a discussion!

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