Women Who Are Killin’ It In The Music Industry: Photography Edition

Hi world!

Welcome to the first post of my new series where I highlight really incredible humans who are doing great things for the music industry. I have received so many fantastic submissions for the first part of this series and I am so pumped to share them here. For todays post, I am focusing on music photographers from all over the world! Here you will see some of their work and links to their portfolios, social medias, and websites so that you can check out more if it interests you.




Kinsey Hanes 





Social Media: 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kinseybhaynesjournalist

Twitter – @kinseylimpfy

Instagram – @kinseylimpfy

Ciara McMullan

           Northern Ireland




Social Media

Instagram – @ciaramcmullanphotography

Jay Whitehead

  Nottingham, UK




Social Media: 

Twitter – @Jay_mov

Instagram – @Jay.mov

Kelsey Wagner

        Brooklyn, New York




Social Media:

Instagram – @Kelsayyysays

Twitter – @Kelsayyysays


Dominique Benedict


My favorite part of photographing artists on stage is catching the emotions that come and go throughout their songs.




Social Media:

Instagram – @dominiquesphoto

Facebook – Dominique Benedict Photography


Makenna Malia

Southern California

Hey everyone! My name is Makenna, and I’m a live music photographer based in Southern California. I am the founder of an online platform known as Entranced Media, as well as the Editor-in-Chief for Entranced Media Magazine. Music is a huge part of my life, and having the opportunity to work within the industry to photograph artists is so amazing, and I’m extremely thankful for it. 


entrancedmedia.com (founder)

Social Media:

Twitter – @makiedoodle44

Instagram – @makiedoodle44

EMAIL: makennamalia@gmail.com


There you have it! These are the six incredible women that I wanted to feature this week. As my email is currently exploding with all these mind-blowing photographers, I will be doing a part two, three, four…honestly I have no limits.

If you enjoyed the photos you saw above, please please please support these talented humans by following them on social media and sharing their work on your own social medias. Let’s all support each other!

Aside from photography, I will be doing some more features on individuals or companies who work (or aspire to work) in the industry on ALL levels; whether it be a musician or a sound mixer so please be on the look out for that. I am planning to have a couple of more in-depth interviews, new artist playlists, and more!


If you would like to be featured on a future post, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for reading and thank you to Makenna, Dominque, Kelsey,  Jay, Ciara, and Kinsey.




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