Dan Lipski Fund

Hi everyone!

I wanted to take a second to share this GoFundMe for a really incredible touring professional named Dan Lipski. Back in December, he was hit by a bus while visiting Bankok and is currently receiving treatment with gradual – but hopeful – progress happening along the way. Soon, he will be coming to the states to continue this long process of recovery.

As you can imagine, getting severely injured anywhere…but especially in a developing country where healthcare may not be as advanced is stressful, scary, and expensive so I wanted to share a GoFundMe that will help pay for these months of bills and for the long recovery that’s to come once he actually is out of the hospital at some point.

In order to prove accuracy to you guys, the GoFundMe was created by Brian Pomp who is a sound mixer, coworker and friend. So it is legit.

If you have a little to spare, please consider making a small donation. And if you don’t, feel free to share the link.

Dan has worked with various bands and artists who have had nothing but really incredible things to say about his work ethic and him as a human being so I wanted to be of some assistant the best way that I could.



Thanks for stopping by and if you donated, thank you!

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