Women Who Are Killin’ it in the Music Industry: Photography Edition Part Two

(Cover photo by Allie Mischen)

Happy weekend, friends!

Welcome to another post where I feature incredible human beings in the music industry. The response to part one of this series was absolutely heartwarming. It is just so cool to see all the support and praise that is being given to these talented individuals; whether it be them supporting each other or others supporting them. While I was going to wait until next week to do part two, I just couldn’t get enough.

I have been so excited to do this series for a LONG time but what no one prepared me for was the overwhelming talent that would flood my emails. When I tell you that I am having the TOUGHEST time choosing just four feature photos for each of these ladies portfolios, it’s not an exaggeration. I mean, I’m generally bad at decision making (to the point of not even being able to choose what I want for dinner most nights) so you can imagine how much I’ve struggled selecting only a few photos in a portfolio full of talent.

Anyway, here we have it….


Boston Schulz

           Los Angeles



Social Media:

Instagram – @byeboston

Facebook: https://facebook.com/bostonlynnphoto/

Jade Kennedy





Social Media:

Instagram – @girlatarockshowofficial

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/girlatarockshowimagery

Iris Konstant

20-Year Old Rock Photographer who only started photographing bands 2 years ago and had the opportunity to take photos on Vans Warped Tour last year. From there she’s worked with bands in the “emo” community such as Heavy Things & Current Events.

   Nashville,  Tennesse 




Social Media:

Instagram – @konstantphoto



Brittney Williams

       Los Angeles, California





Social Media:

Twitter – @trbcreative

Instagram – @trbcreative

Allie Mischen

       Chicago, Illinois 



Social Media:

Instagram – @Allie_Mischen

Twitter – @Allie_Mischen

There you have it, kiddos. These five women are absolutely extraordinary and I highly recommend supporting them by following on social media and checking out more of their work on portfolios/websites. I had so much fun looking through their work and I hope you do too!

This will be a continued series; featuring more talented photographers as well as humans from all walks of the music industry so I hope you will stick around if that interests you!

Again, if you’d like to be part of a feature OR if you have a recommendation for a feature (maybe there’s a career or subject you’d like to hear about or you know someone who you’d like to see on here) please contact me!

And if you like this post, please share it around with the world!

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